Peanut Health Diet

Time: 2019-01-21 10:52:35

1, peanut porridge

Peanut 50 grams, mulberry leaves, sugar 15 grams each. Take full peanuts to wash, drain water, Sangyejian to remove impurities; Peanut rice is boiled with water, and mulberry leaves and sugar are added. The small fire is cooked and cooked until mulberry leaves are eaten. This porridge has the effect of relieving cough and asthma and moistening the intestines. It is a good auxiliary treatment food for lung dry cough, asthma attack, whooping cough, and great ease of knot.

2, red date peanut soup

Red jujube 50 grams, peanut 100 grams, brown sugar appropriate amount. Wash red dates, soak them in warm water, and core them; The peanuts are slightly boiled and stripped after cold; Put red jujube and peanut clothes in a pot, add boiled peanut water, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil with a good fire, change to a small fire and cook for about half an hour; Remove peanut clothing, add brown sugar to melt, and collect juice. This soup has the effect of strengthening body and gas, supplementing blood to stop bleeding. Suitable for two deficiency of Qi and blood caused by less stomach fruit food, shortness of Qi and various bleeding conditions.

3, peanut rice porridge

Peanut drop 50 grams, japonica rice 100 grams, sugar appropriate amount. Wash peanuts and japonica rice with water and cook them together. After boiling, use a gentle fire to wait for porridge. Put people's ice cream on the boil. The porridge has a spleen appetizer, the effect of blood feeding milk, suitable for deficiency and poor, anemic body decay, postpartum milk deficiency and other conditions. Regular food has the effect of making up.

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